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ABC for children (Alphabet)PRO

2.13 usd

Do you want your children to learn how to read? Let’s start learning letters of Russian alphabet.The Application Talking ABC-book is going to be your best assistant for teaching your child how to read. This interactive game for preschoolers is designed for using playing style for teaching kids the letters and the correct way of writing them. It is a fun application for kids. Children can use on their own or do it with their parents. They are going to learn alphabet through playing and watching magical heroes and animals. Our free application is actually going to replace ABC-book for the little kids. Learning of the alphabet is going to be a fun play for a child now, so that the process of getting knowledge is going to be his most desired and favorite occupation.We have great experience in making various applications and games for elementary school children, and little babies from 2 to 5. For two years of doing this we’ve developed the right approach that has to be used for developing love to learning from early years.Peculiarities of our talking ABC for children:- Bright and vivid design. Your child is definitely going to like it;- Colorful characters – around 30 different characters designed by our artists (birds, fish and other animals)- Soft and pleasant voice of our announcer is going to help your child learn the alphabet and explain how to play the additional games- And surely, the most important – our ABC-book itself totally for FREE. This one is targeted not only for the kids, but for their parents as well. :)The application consists of three parts – the ABC-book itself, and two games:1. The ABC-book – interactive game, where they are going to learn letters of Russian alphabet.2. “Guess the Letter” – easy, but very captivating kids game that will help children repeat letters that will be shown to a child in random manner. The child has to name letter and learn by repeating it.3. “Guess the Word” – very similar to a previous game, though everything is exactly the opposite. The child is given certain characters that should associate with letters of the alphabet. The child has to guess the character and learn the letter it is associated with.
We tried to make application as simple as possible. It is a bright, captivating and interesting for preschoolers. We are going to be just happy if you send us your review or any other comments that are going to help us make our game even better.